26.03.2020 · In evidence


All the team's riders have been training for days at their homes. Thanks to Elite SUITO interactive home trainers, athletes can be connected by facing the same paths and altimetries together, simulating race situations. Starting from this Friday, March 27, the team will set two weekly appointments open to all the fans, on the Zwift platform. The goal is to pedal all together while having fun. Distant, but never so united to their fans. To find out the dates and times of the next events, you need to follow the team's official Facebook and Instagram profiles.

On Friday 27 March at 4.15 pm the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team will pedal together with their fans. All of course virtually, each from their own living room, but riding their own bikes.

Thanks to the technology of Zwift and Elite interactive home trainers, such as the SUITO model, it is in fact possible to make your home workouts much more fun and above all less “lonely”, finding yourself with your friends or with other fans to pedal on paths of different difficulties .

From this possibility was born the idea of Bardiani CSF Faizanè to pedal with all their fans, for a non-competitive meeting but dedicated to sport and fun. In fact, the event will be attended by many team athletes from Mirco Maestri to Filippo Fiorelli, from Manuel Senni, to Nicolas Dalla Valle, from Giovanni Carboni to Marco Benfatto, but also staff and management of the team starting with Roberto Reverberi.



Starting from this Friday, the team will set two appointments per week, selecting one of the official events of the Zwift platform.

The first appointment is for this Friday, at 4.15 pm, with the “Sand and Sequoias” event and a route of about 42 km to be carried out together. To participate, simply have an interactive home trainer, such as the SUITO by Elite model used by the team, and register on the Zwift platform by downloading the Zwift Companion app, selecting and registering for the mentioned event.


For those who cannot participate by pedaling, it will still be possible to follow some of the athletes live on Facebook and Instagram during the session. The next appointments, two per week, will be communicated on the official social profiles of the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team. We therefore advise you to follow the team’s Facebook page, clicking here, and the Instagram profile, so as not to miss the next dates to ride all together. Distant, but never so united.


Elite offers a wide range of interactive reels to their many fans. The top of the range used by the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team is the SUITO model. To discover all the models of interactive reels CLICK HERE.