11.01.2021 · In evidence


2021 season means a sort of revolution for the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team. 10 new riders, a brand new bike and also a new Saddle partner: Selle SMP. The Italian brand will support the team with a supply of different saddles, customized on the rider needs. The team riders will use the F 20, F 20 C, Composit, Stratos and Evolution models.

Selle SMP will be official sponsor of the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. The Italian company of saddles, 100% made in Italy, is back among technical partners of Bardiani CSF Faizanè. The same values, combined with the common ambitions for the 2021 season are the main reasons to this renewed collaboration, together with the quality of the products.



Maurizio and Franco Schiavon, owners of Selle SMP company, declared: “We are happy to join again the project managed by Reverberi’s family. We are proud to be able to give a contribution with our saddles to improve the performance of the riders. 2021 will be a real challenge for everyone, our role as Selle SMP will be to make the riders feel comfortable and ready to make their best performance on the saddle. The Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè Team is an Italian team of young riders, but with a management of great experience, with a strong awareness of seriousness and transparency: necessary prerequisites for the success of a team. And with the entry of the Italian champion Giovanni Visconti and the return of Enrico Battaglin, a very exciting season is going to start, in which all together we expect certainly great satisfactions “.


Roberto Reverberi, team manager of the Bardiani CSF Faizanè, welcomes back Selle SMP among the technical partners: “I am happy to welcome back Selle SMP among our partners, I know their products very well, having already collaborated in the recent past, as well as some riders of the Roster 2021 were already using their products finding themselves very well. 2021 will be a crucial season for us. We have implemented an important sporting revolution by including 10 new strong riders in our team. At the same time, we wanted to implement a small technical revolution by returning to work alongside high-quality partners we had already had in the past and that never stopped their innovation, such as Cipollini for bikes and Selle SMP for saddles. We think we have set up a competitive team, both sporting and technically speaking, and we hope to reach some great satisfactions together with our partners.”



Selle SMP has provided to the team different saddles. The riders, together with a dedicated team of experts to support them in the crucial choice of the best saddle that will accompany them for thousands of km throughout the racing season. Each rider was able to test and choose among a wide range of products, choosing the most suitable saddle for their physical conformation and needs.


Enrico Battaglin decided to use the F20 model, designed for narrow pelvises, ideal for riders who are always reactive and ready to sprint. “I think the F 20 model is perfect for my skills. In terms of design and shape, it is the most similar to saddles that I have had in the past and ideal for performance, but having also the added value of paying particular attention to the problems that can arise after so many hours on the bike.”


Giovanni Visconti has chosen the F 20 C model, the most used by Bardiani CSF Faizanè riders. This is the compact version of the F 20 model, lightest and designed to facilitate situations “out of the saddle”: “I will use Selle SMP for the first time in my career” says Giovanni Visconti, “For this reason I studied carefully their range and finally I chose the one that in my opinion is the most aggressive and race-style saddle and that best suits my skills, keeping an eye also on the special characteristics of the Selle SMP range which has always been very attentive to the various problems that may arise over the saddle.”


Giovanni Carboni’s choice is different, he will use the Composit model, without padding for maximum perception of the bike and ideal for medium-small pelvis: “I have already used this saddle in 2018 season” says Giovanni Carboni, “and it is one of the few saddles with which I have never had any kind of problems with my body. In addition, its particular formula without any kind of padding, give me the opportunity of not wasting energy and guarantees me consistency during the season as it does not have padding that could flatten and change my riding position during the season.“