14.12.2016 · In evidence


Bardiani-CSF Pro Cycling Team is pleased to announce a new deal with Taiwanese industrial giant Cheng Shin Tire. Team technical partner since 2015, CST decided to increase the level of its sponsorship acquiring the title of #GreenTeam top sponsor. Thanks to this new agreement, CST will be present on shoulders and shorts of team racing kit, as well as remaining supplier of tubular – Stradale – and clinchers – Conquistare and their new product, the Cito.

Bardiani-CSF and Cheng Shin Tire agreed three-year deal thanks the mediation of BIS srl, CST official distributor for Italian, Swiss and Austrian market.

Cheng Shin Tire is a brand property of Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd., company founded in 1967 by Mr Luo Jye and now ninth global tire supplier with a revenue in 2015 of 3.67 billions US dollars. With more than 20,000 people employed, 11 factories in three countries (China, Thailand and Vietnam), three administrative & marketing headquarters (in Taiwan, USA and The Netherlands) and one research development department in the United States, Cheng Shin Tire is the largest bikes and motorcycles tire maker in the world. CST offers also a full range of tires for autos, trucks, forklifts, all-terrain vehicles and agricultural, lawn and garden equipment.

Thanks to this partnership Bardiani-CSF will fall within the prestigious and global framework of CST sport sponsorships to promote their brand, which includes, above all, Dutch football team AFC Ajax and Bart Brentjens MTB team.

“This agreement is a source of pride for our team” said Roberto Reverberi, Bardiani-CSF manager who conducts the negotiation on behalf of the team. “It’s the recognition of the positive work we have done to build a credible and serious sport project, the #GreenTeam, focused on development of Italian talents in modern and global cycling context. Year by year our team has grown, acquiring solidity and distinction. All these factors have been recognized by all cycling’s stakeholders and became the key to conquer the attention of giants like CST. We welcome Cheng Shin Tire in our sport family and we thank the company for the trust they put in our work”.

“This new sponsor addition won’t affect the purposes of the #GreenTeam project and the Italian core of the team. The deal will just offer us the chance for a new quality step. We know that Italian cycling is not living a golden era, but it has a long tradition and a great, undiscovered potential. This is what we transmitted to CST and what convinced them” added Reverberi.

“The new level of the sponsorship between CST and Bardiani-CSF is the outcome of the mother company’s goal to conquer new visibility through a powerful vehicle like professional cycling. It has been a thought out and shared decision. After football -where we’re involved partnering Ajax team- cycling is the popular sport with the highest level of global visibility” affirmed Dr Giovan Battista Vecchi, manager of BIS srl.

“The presence of the brand on Bardiani-CSF kit will be the way for CST to diversify its advertising investments. It will be a new instrument of direct marketing to attract a large audience of fans, not just to cycling product but to the whole range of CST tires. We decided to carry out this strategy through the team led by Bruno and Roberto Reverberi as reliable partner and promoter of an ambitious and distinctive sport project. The positive feedback we received has been a key factor in persuading the Cheng Shin Tire management to boost the partnership” added Dr Vecchi.