31.05.2021 · In evidence


1 podium, 7 times in the top 10 of the stages with 5 different riders, second in the intermediate sprint ranking and over 2.000 km raced at the attack with the aim of being present and in the heart of the race in the stage finals. The evident growth of Bardiani CSF Faizanè in this 2021 is also in the numbers of this Giro n.104.

The Giro d’Italia n.104 ended this Sunday in Milan, the 39th in the history of the longest-running Italian team on the Italian cycling scene, led by the Reverberi family.

Bardiani CSF Faizanè started with the aim of trying to collect good results in the stage arrivals and this approach led the team to reach important podiums and placings, always remaining in the heart of the race. Fiorelli’s podium in Sestola is accompanied by a total of 7 placements in the top 10 of the stage, out of the 19 stages in the line.

The strength of Bardiani CSF Faizanè in the Giro d’Italia was the group. As many as 5 different riders have in fact reached at least one top 10: Fiorelli, Carboni, Visconti, Battaglin and Zana, while Umberto Marengo fought until the last stage for the intermediate sprint ranking, finishing second behind the Belgian champion DeBondt. All 8 riders of the team have been in breakaways attacks in at least one escape and all 8 arrived in Milan, thus making Bardiani CSF Faizanè the only complete team together with Intermarchè-Wanty under the arrival of the Duomo.

As every year, the team launched 3 Italian rookies, giving space to young people, but supporting them with experienced riders. This right mix has given rise to a very important Giro d’Italia for the #GreenTeam, which finds in the numbers of the Giro, as well as the other races held so far, confirmation of a great qualitative growth and results.


Roberto Reverberi: “We approached the Giro with the philosophy of stage hunters and with this in mind we did a great race. We have rarely undertaken escapes for their own sake, as evidenced by the 7 placings in the first 10 of the stage. In fact, half of the actions taken brought us close to the big result, starting from Fiorelli’s third place in Sestola, passing through the fifth places of Carboni and Visconti, the sixth place of Battaglin, the seventh of Zana and again the placings. in Fiorelli’s top 10. I really have to congratulate the riders of my team because we have always been in the heart of the race, in the attack and especially in the final stages. We have fully honored the race being the only formation together with Intermarchè-Wanty to arrive in Milan with 8 athletes. Second with Umberto Marengo also in the special ranking of intermediate sprint, behind the Belgian champion De Bondt who we tried to undermine until the last stage in the line. In addition, as always, we made some guys make their debut at the Giro: Marengo, Gabburo and the neo-pro Zoccarato, without forgetting that Zana, in his second participation, is a class of 1999. Now other important months of racing await us where I expect from everyone the same commitment and intensity seen in the Giro. With this attitude we will still take home a lot of satisfactions. “


3° Filippo Fiorelli – Tappa 4

5° Giovanni Visconti – Tappa 12

5° Giovanni Carboni – Tappa 8

6° Enrico Battaglin – Tappa 11

7° Filippo Zana – Tappa 18

7° Filippo Fiorelli – Tappa 2

9° Filippo Fiorelli – Tappa 7


2° Umberto Marengo – Traguardi Volanti


2.135 km in breakaway, the team leader is Umberto Marengo with 688km rode in breakaway in front of the race.