09.11.2020 · In evidence


The partnership active from 2019 is confirmed for another two seasons. LifeCode will be alongside the team to facilitate proper integration before, during and after the race with a wide range of products, starting with the top line VM03.

LifeCode and Bardiani CSF Faizanè renew the partnership that will see the team supported by a top-level supplements also for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. The collaboration started in 2019 has allowed the #GreenTeam riders to always have a wide range of products available for valid and certified nutrition and supplements. LifeCode is working with the team from breakfast in the morning, as well as in the competition phases to encourage proper integration in moments of maximum effort, up to the important post-stage recovery phase.

LifeCode supplements, extensively tested by the team’s athletes in the previous two seasons, are highly performing. The line of products most appreciated by the athletes of the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team in recent years is the VM03, a product with a registered LifeCode patent, which improves the diffusion of oxygen from the pulmonary alveoli to the red blood cells. The VM03 product line is available from proteins to amino acids, passing through bars and gels, fundamental during races.

“We are happy with the renewal of this partnership” declares Valerio Marcelli, founder of the LifeCode company “the work alongside the team has allowed us in recent years to receive important feedback and grow with the development of increasingly performing products suitable for professionals, so like amateur sportsmen. We are happy because the team has also strengthened considerably and supporting riders of the caliber of Visconti and Battaglin with our products will allow our brand to further grow and become visible. “

These are the words of Roberto Reverberi, team manager: “Our goal is to provide our team’s athletes with the best in every sector in order to perform at their best. As part of the integration with LifeCode, we have a top-level Italian partner with high product quality. This is why we wanted to enter into a two-year partnership.”