16.07.2020 · In evidence


Bruno Reverberi, in agreement with the three main sponsors of the team, defined the contractual renewal of Mirco Maestri, a decision made on the same day of his injury to allow the rider to have a peaceful and correct recovery in an a difficult and strange season. The 2021 will be the sixth year for Mirco Maestri with the team led by the Reverberi family.

07/16/2020, Reggio Emilia.

Bardiani CSF Faizanè and Mirco Maestri will ride together in 2021, for the sixth season in a row. An important renewal to give a concrete and symbolic support to an athlete and man that is a symbol of the team, wearing the the #GreenTeam jersey since 5 years ago and recently victim of an unlucky  injury.



This Tuesday July 13 Mirco Maestri was the victim of an unlucky fall in training which caused him the fracture of his right shoulder blade. An injury that occurred just a week before the back to races after the forced stop caused by Covid-19. This fall will force Mirco Maestri to stop again for about a month before he can go back to training on the road.

Mirco Maestri, who returned from Livigno on Tuesday evening, underwent consultation with the medical team of the doctor and expert surgeon Giuseppe Porcellini, who avoid the need for surgery, but still prescribed two weeks of absolute rest with a tutor, at the end of which bone calcification will be checked with further radiography. If everything goes well from August 6, Mirco Maestri will then be able to continue pedaling on the rollers in total safety and start physiotherapy in the pool at the specialized “Shoulder Team Srl” center. In order to be able to return to road training, a wait of about a month is therefore expected.



In this context, the decision to renew the rider contract taken by the General Manager Bruno Reverberi was born in agreement with the three main sponsors, to make the athlete feel the closeness of the team in a particular and already unfortunate year.

These are the words of Bruno Reverberi:

Mirco Maestri has demonstrated in these 5 years with us his great professionalism and attachment to the team and the jersey always proving to be a precious team man. Like all the other athletes of the team, he should have conquered his chances of racing at the Giro d’Italia and the contract renewal, but in light of such an unfortunate episode in an abnormal season, we all decided together for the immediate contract renewal to allow him to recover serenely and with the right times from his injury. The decision was born spontaneously both by us as a team and by the three main sponsors in the figures of Luca Bardiani (Bardiani), Andrea Ferrari (CSF) and Martino Dal Santo (Faizanè). We are sure that Mirco will repay us as always for trust with determination and dedication. “

In addition to the unfortunate and painful injury, a swing of emotions for Mirco Maestri, who went from despair to not be able to take full advantage of a decisive season for his career, to gratitude towards the team, the Reverberi family and his sponsors: “In a moment like this delicate for my season “says Mirco Maestri” but also for my career, being forced to a month of forced stop right at the restart, receiving such a certificate of esteem from the Reverberi and our sponsors really made me feel in a family before still than in a team. They managed to send me peace of mind for my recovery times, a peace that will turn into a desire for redemption and to prove in retrospect that I deserved the renewal. I will be even more motivated to give my best in this season finale as well as in the next one for the Bardiani CSF Faizanè jersey. “